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2024 PALS Courses

PALS Provider and Renewal has moved to a blended learning format now known as PALS Blended Provider.

There are two parts to this. (1) E-Learning ( work at your own pace) and (2)  Skills day.  Once you register on the HSF Website for one of the courses below, you will receive an email overview regarding course outline, how to pay etc.  Payment arrangements must be in advance prior to an assignment of  a "key" to the PALS Blended e-learning. Once e-learning is started, there is no refund.  Recommend that you do not leave the e-learning to the last minute.  All e-learning materials include digital text, online blended learning and online exam are included in the course price. 

Once your online blended e-learning is complete and you have written your  open resource exam and are successful, you will be issued a certificate similar to the one below.

HSF Logo - Red on white, single line (Di
Sample Interim SD CLS PALS.png
PALS JREMS 2024 Schedule.png

Already know your HSF ID number?  Choose the course number above i.e. C-123456 and click on the "REGISTER" link. You will be taken to the HSF portal.  Place the course ID number in the course identifier box  like this example                                        Follow the steps to register.


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