Full Courses:

Moving to online format Part 1 Self Directed must be completed 1 week prior to the Part 2 skills day. ( Full Courses Date TBA due to Covid -19 Vaccinations)


DATE               LOCATION          START TIME       COURSE  ID

PHASE 2 for Covid Restrictions is now in effect. We are currently working on Full course dates understanding that everyone is "Covid Fatigued" and require a bit of Summer to recharge. Please be patient as we navigate for upcoming dates. 

2021   Dates:


July 2021  TBA between 8-11th    WVFD Waterville   0900         E-Learning + Skills Day


July 2021 TBA              YRH- Yarmouth    E-Learning + Skills Day

September 2021 TBA     VRH- KENTBILLE   E-Learning + Skills Day                


October TBA 2021        YRH- Yarmouth    0900       C-000000    PART 2 Skills Only

More dates in Annapolis Valley, South Shore and Yarmouth once Covid 19 Immunization program finishes in those areas and classrooms become free.

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Renewal Courses:

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DATE               LOCATION         START TIME       COURSE  ID

2021   Dates:


PHASE 2 for Covid Restrictions is now in effect. We are please to offer the upcoming dates as of June 17-2021

June 26, 2021              YRH Yarmouth         9am Start             C-658624

July 2021  TBA            YRH Yarmouth         9am Start             C-000000

July 2021  TBA            VRH Kentville          9am Start             C-000000

September 24 2021   VRH Kentville           9am Start            C-658753

September 25 2021   VRH Kentville           9am Start            C-658754

October 16 2021       YRH Yarmouth         9am Start             C-658687

October 17 2021       YRH Yarmouth         9am Start             C-658688

October 18 2021       YRH Yarmouth         9am Start             C-658689

October 19 2021       YRH Yarmouth         9am Start             C-658690

November 27 2021   YRH Yarmouth          9am Start             C-658703


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