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In Canada, the Neonatal Resuscitation Program is evidence-based and administered by the Canadian Paediatric Society.  The Neonatal Resuscitation Program is an educational program that introduces the basic concepts and skills of neonatal resuscitation during the first minutes of a newborns life. Neonatal Resuscitation is most effective when performed by a co-ordinated team that has been pre-selected and demonstrates strong elements of team dynamics, critical thinking, and problem solving.  As a pre-hospital provider, health care professional or clinician, you must operate within your scope of practice and maintain your knowledge and skills through regular didactic and scenario based review. Each practitioner is governed by their respective professional body of registration. Completion of an NRP course does not imply or “certify” that a practitioner has the competence to preform neonatal resuscitation.


The standard length Providers course  for the 7th Edition consists of the following 11 lessons:


  1. Foundations of Neonatal Resuscitation

  2. Preparation for Resuscitation

  3. Initial Steps of Newborn Care

  4. Positive‐Pressure Ventilation

  5. Alternative Airways: Endotracheal Tubes and Laryngeal Masks

  6. Chest Compressions

  7. Medications

  8. Post‐Resuscitation Care

  9. Resuscitation and Stabilization of Babies Born Preterm

  10. Special Considerations

  11. Ethics and Care at the End of Life


Participants are responsible for all information in the 7th edition text for their didactic component and online evaluation; however, will only be evaluated in their simulated clinical evaluation based on their level of practice either basic or advanced SME ( formally known as a mega code)


There are two phases to this program:


  • Phase 1 -Completion of the Canadian NRP online exam* (step-by-step instructions): This component focuses on self-learning by completing the required readings from the NRP 7th edition Textbook, the Canadian Addendum, and the Canadian medications table.  


Canadian Addendum and Medications:


Online exam information:


  •  Phase 2- Completion of an NRP practical course: This component focuses on practical skills and integrates the cognitive, behavioral and technical skills of neonatal resuscitation.  Schedule varies, so be sure to check calendar dates on a regular basis


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