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Jonni & Roy's is committed to providing quality education programs for hospital and pre-hospital practitioners as well as those who may require basic life support education in their professional duties. Training is based on well-established programs through Heart & Stroke Foundation or Canadian Pediatric Society. Focus is on Team Resuscitation designed to challenge the participant in a relaxed, stress free, positive atmosphere with hands on experience using a wide range of task trainers and medium to high fidelity simulation with debriefing strategies based on training through HSF, CPS, ITLS Instructor courses as well as the SimEd Network - Simulation Leader Inter-professional Instructor Course.


Instructors and Medical Director

All instructors with JREMS-ER are qualified, experienced and up to date with the latest guideline release. JREMS-ER Instructors bring a wide range of background and experience in EMS, ED, ICU and CCU settings when providing Heart & Stroke BLS CPR, ACLS, PALS & AED Courses. Instructors also offer AAP/CPS NRP for Prehospital practitioners. The Medical Director for all Heart and Stroke Programs is Dr. Ken Buchholz.


Who is Jonni?


My name is Jonathan, known by my friends and peers as "Jonni" over the past three decades in EMS. 

The purpose of this website is to provide Health Care Providers at various practitioner levels in

Western Nova Scotia with access to well established programs through Heart & Stroke Foundation

including ACLS, PALS, BLS and AED. The Canadian Pediatric Society’s NRP program  is also

available to pre-hospital practitioners. “Bookmark” and visit this page frequently for

information on upcoming courses throughout Western Nova Scotia. Jonni & Roy's EMS-ER Education

and Simulation is a registered business under the Nova Scotia Joint Stocks Partnerships and Businesses.

Who is Roy?

Roy is the very first medium fidelity ALS Simulator I built for training purposes. Roy has been and

constantly evolves, considered the "silent partner" he carries the brunt of what students can throw at

him and is a great educational resource. Roy has evolved with many hardware and software upgrades 

to become one of two ALS high fidelity simulators that are used in ACLS courses as well as Mock Code

Simulation for ICU, Code Management, and ALS Skills Day reviews for PGY1 and PGY2.


Committed to Training Excellence!

Providing you with quality health care education

• Convenient on site instruction at your health care facility

• Flexible course times either through the week or on the weekends.


Course participants will have hands on practice though simulation and mega codes. This builds on pre-course study knowledge and helps provide the practitioner with confidence in code management and team leadership. Skills can be strengthened though high fidelity simulators like Laerdal's Sim Man 3G (TM), Sim Man Essential Bleeding (TM),  Sim Junior (TM),SimNewB(TM),  SimBaby (TM), and Premature Anne (TM). Medium fidelity simulators such as Laerdal’s Mega Code Kid (TM), Low fidelity simulators like ALS Baby (TM), and specific skill set through task trainers such as intubation, airway management, IV and interosseous access including EZ-IO. Laerdal LLEAP software is the current software of choice along with the Simpad PLUS System. Defibrillators and Monitors are Philips MRX with Q-CPR,  Physio Control LP 12 and 20 series, and Zoll R-Series Plus ALS.


For more Information on Heart & Stroke Programs:






Canadian Pediatric Society




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