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ACLS Pre-course Study Links

This page contains various external links to assist participants with their pre-course studies such as pharmacology, EKG review, defibrillation and BLS.


The following external ACLS sites may provide useful references for review. These do not replace the information in your texts or handbooks:


Heart & Stroke Foundation  ACLS  Student Website (includes Online Pre-Course Self Assessment):


Heart & Stroke Foundation ACLS Online Pre-Course  Self Assessment:

As a new pre-requisite to taking an ACLS course, participants must pass this online assessment (70% minimum)The Pre-course Self Assessment helps evaluate knowledge necessary to be successful in the ACLS Provider Course and determines the need for additional review and practice. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the Pre-course Self Assessment. Once a score of 70% or higher is achieved, each student must print his or her certificate displayed on the ACLS Student Website. This certificate must be presented to the ACLS instructor before a student can take an ACLS Provider Course.


To access the pre-course assessment go to and log in using your Heart and Stroke ID number like the example below. Once logged in click on the top tab "Programs."



Scroll down to the Healthcare section, select Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS.) Once Clicked this will take you to the choose the ACLS Pre-course Self Assessment Page












Select Pre-Course Self Assessment. Once  chosen, a separate Java Script window will run allowing access to additional resources. Scroll to the bottom as shown in the example below and click the "Launch"  button  to start the online pre-course self assessment.





2020Guidelines Update for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care in Circulation Journals:  

Main link is:

ILCOR Covid-19 Guidelines :


EKG study Sites:    (Learn, Play, Review – interactive)





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EZ-IO Intraosseous Education Link:

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