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Updated 22 January 2024

Currently , JREMS will not be offering ITLS Courses

Dates not work? Do you have a minimum group number of 6?   If so or are an individual  interested in participating, contact us at

Updated 22 January 2024
Currently , JREMS will not be offering ITLS Courses
ITLS Completer Course
The ITLS Completer Course is an 8-hour course designed to be used in conjunction with the ITLS eTrauma: Taking Trauma Training Online course.

This is the ITLS’ online education program that covers the eight hours of ITLS Provider classroom instruction in a self-paced, Internet-based format.
The Completer Course is open to any student seeking ITLS Provider (Advanced or Basic) certification who meets the traditional prerequisites for Provider certification and has successfully completed the full ITLS eTrauma program.

This course assumes the provider has prepared for this class by reading the current edition of the International Trauma Life Support for Prehospital Care Providers textbook and completing the full ITLS eTrauma course. The student will take both the written exam and the patient assessment practical skills assessment as part of the Completer Course. This standardization mechanism ensures that ITLS quality standards are met for all ITLS certified Providers.

The prerequisite for registering for a Completer Course is successful completion of the complete ITLS e-Trauma: Taking Trauma Training Online course within a 12 month period, demonstrated by a valid Course Completion Certificate printed at the conclusion of the ITLS e-Trauma program. Only students who present this document will be allowed to take a Completer Course for ITLS Provider certification.
Link to the online course can be found below.



ITLS 8th Edition  ISBN#  9780134130798


ITLS 8th Edition can be purchased online or in person at:


Dalhousie Book Store

6136 University Avenue, Halifax NS  B3H 4R2

Store hours are:

9-5 Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri,

9-7 Thur,

Noon-5 Saturday,

closed Sunday



Jim Regan 902-494-3020

Medavie Helath Ed

201 Brownlow Ave Unit 33

Dartmouth NS, B3B 1W2


Lisa Adams 902-464-5288

ITLS Online Bookstore

ITLS E-Trauma (online)

Completer Course Links:

Pre-course self study (if you already have a current text edition i.e. 8th Edition)

Pre-course self study (e-text imbedded)

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