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Welcome to the JREMS-ER News page. These are some of the stories that are happening with training and simulation. Check back often to see what is developing in terms of programs and upgrades to our sim family.

FM-AV Team Sim Education Day

Working with FM-AV team, session lead by Dr Ken Buchholz and JREMS, two great days of education  with medical, trauma, undifferentiated,  peds /adult cases.  Workshops  with patient assessment, Airway Management and  EZ-IO. Thank you to the Educational Leaders, and Subject Matter Experts in helping making this a success.

FMAV 2023-1.jpeg
FMAV 2023-2.jpeg
Humeral IO JREMS.jpeg
JREMS Airway Management -1 .jpeg
IO Humeral and Tibia JREMS.jpeg
Sim Chest Burn JREMS.jpeg
JREMS Airway Management -2 .jpeg
Pericardial Synthesis by ultrasound

ERP's and Residents having an educational day led by Dr Catherine Cox. JREMS was able to provide the necessary resources to make this education day an interactive one. Thank you to the Educational Leaders, and Subject Matter Experts in helping making this a success.

CS by US 2.jpeg
CS by US 3.jpeg
CS by US 1.jpeg
Treatment, Stabilization and Transport Interdisciplinary Sim 

Working with a variety of interdisciplinary team members in PEI,  interdisciplinary practitioners have been participating in several SIM days focused on interdisciplinary team work, assessment, treatment, stabilization and transport of patients. Thank you to the Educational Leaders, Physicians, Paramedics, RN's, RT's in helping making these sessions a success.

IEMS RN.jpeg
Continuing Education ERPs , RN's and Paramedics through SIM

Despite COVID-19, these interdisciplinary practitioners have been participating in a SIM day focused on interdisciplinary team work and utilization of the new Agilia smart pumps by Fresenius Kabi. Thank you to the Physicians and Educational Leaders in helping making these two days a success.

Covid-19 Airway Sim

JREMS-ER has been working with various practitioners and team leads in the Western Zone of the NSHA facilitating Coivd-19 Airway Sim based on best practices based on NSHA Corvid Hub  and AIME Airway Online updates. Thanks to Dr George Kovacs and his team at for their online education along with Dr Adam Harris, Dr Tom Goddard and site leads across the Western Zone. Resources for PPE were limited so surgical gowns and non-n95 masks were used to preserve stock. ETI was based on evolving best practices as outlined above.

Sim - Jo Construction team 2.jpg
Sim- Jo Construction hand injury.jpg
Sim - Jo Construction head lac.jpg
Sim - Jo Construction.jpg
C19 Airway Provider and Assistant.jpg
C19 Sim Prebrief.jpg
C19 Donn Team.jpg
C19 Buddy check.jpg
Adoption Complete! Welcome SimNewB

JREMS-ER would like to welcome the newest edition to the sim family - SimnewB. After working with a great team at Drexel University College of Medicine  in Pennsylvania  our,  "adoption" is now complete.  JREMS would like to thank Dr. Kathleen Ryan and Mr. Allen Ribblett for making this new addition a reality brining a new level of high fidelity in the NRP courses and custom sim sessions.  SimnewB will make it's debut at the NRP course November 9th 2017 at SMH in Middleton.  Pictured is  L-R  Janice Edwards the Simulation Centre Coordinator, Dr. Kathleen Ryan Simulation Centre Director and Mr. Allen Ribblett  Simulation Technician Drexel University College. (

Intraosseous Skills Station gets upgrade

During IO Skill Station, scenario practice, or Simulated Clinical Evaluations, JREMS-ER utilized manual Jamshdi IO needles or the Generation 1 Series of the EZ-IO Driver. In consulting with Larry Corscadden from Teleflex, he recommended  upgrading to the newest Arrow G-3 version. JREMS-ER thanks Larry for his product insight recommendation  and now  has acquired two G-3 units by Teleflex/Arrow. This has helped to create an improved task trainer set-up stations like the one in the picture so that participants can get the most out of the skills station.  Another thank you to Teleflex's Clinical Educator Sara-Claude Gilbert for providing educational material, references and links on the Teleflex website for continuing education. 

Welcome Sim Junior

JREMS-ER would like to welcome the newest edition to the sim family - Sim Junior who got a  initial "Beta work-out" 03-24-2017 with some of the local ERP's and a full work out with the PALS Renewal course 04-23- 2017 at SMH. Both sessions were very well received. 

Welcome Sim Man Essential

JREMS-ER would like to welcome the newest edition to the sim family - Sim Man Essential (Bleeding). After an extensive retro fit, recalibration, system testing, software, firmware and we can't forget the new clothing, two of these units are now in use for ACLS and Custom Sim sessions. These units were "rescued" from becoming recycled and put back into use. After several months of refurbish work, they had their first "work-out" on the ACLS Providers course February 11-12 2017 at VRH and were very well received.  Many thanks to Scott and his service team at Laerdal for their assistance (and patience) in answering many technical questions. Without their expert knowledge, these would not be in service today.

Welcome SimBaby

JREMS-ER would like to welcome the newest edition to the sim family - SimBaby. After some recalibration, PM's, etc. two of these units  with a third expected in February are now in use for PALS and Custom Sim sessions. After several weeks of refurbish work, they had their premier on the PALS Providers and Renewal courses January 25-27 2017 at SMH and were very well received. 

Q-CPR - Improving BLS Quality

With the  Western Zone of the NSHA now moving to Philips MRX and feedback devices, JREMS-ER has also invested in three of these devices so that staff can experience the same "buttonology" and  muscle memory during ACLS Courses that they would experience in their work environments. Although basic units,  these have the Q-CPR feature that provides feedback to the healthcare provider preforming CPR on a task trainer or ALS Simulator.   The MRX with Q-CPR will also be used on BLS courses for Teams Dynamic Exercise to help reinforce not only the quality of the BLS provided, but helping to understand the importance of Compression Fraction Ratio.

Tech Tips & Builds

JREMS-ER  is working on a page for tech tips that have helped us when doing PM's or servicing the simulators or task trainers.  Some of these are well known , others not so much. This is about networking when you are on a limited budget. We are hoping to have a page set up in the near future with some builds and other hints that might help you out.

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